Work Procedure

Contacting with Customer and taking Inquiry with Styling, Material and Trims Detail and Target Price.
Selecting suitable factory. The factory must be audited by recognized organization like Oeko-tex, WRAP, Alliance, Accord, BSCI, etc. (Depends on Buyer).
Do consumption & costing and bargaining with factory for cost for the specific product. Finalize cost and send it to buyer.
Development merchandiser will develop with the product send 1st pattern for any correction.
Usually buyer makes some modification on 1st pattern, so 2nd pattern is submitted according to 1st pattern comments.
Then fit sample is made and QC (Quality Controller) check is it follows the approved 2nd pattern.
Then the Buying sample is sent for approval. And if the Buying sample & price approved then the order is confirmed.
Production merchandiser will follow up the total production stage. After getting approval of buying sample he has to book the fabric and trims.
He has to Follow up the fabric and trim arrived in factory in time or not. After all approval he does production planning meeting with factory & Buying QC.
QC has to follow the production is running with approved item, fabric and accessories or not. He helps production merchandiser by giving all production information.